DCC Lights and sound update for the Hornby Network Rail New Measurement Train Class 43 HST Power car and Trailer Car Plus Conversion of 5 Hornby Mk3 coaches to NMT vehicles.




The Network Rail New Measurement Train HST power car pack was a bargain impulse buy from the Monk Bar Model Shop in York. Adding sound and updating the lights on the power cars was only the start!!!  The real work was to convert 5 East Midland Trains Mark 3 coaches to represent the Network Rail Mark 3 conversions used in the real New Measurement Train. The train has retained its original livery despite the addition of top marker lights on the power cars. Network Rail staff man the track recording and Pantograph coaches (with working VDUs in the former). Red and green (LED) Lasers scan the track and white flood lights provide illumination for the camera systems monitoring both track and overhead lines and, Oh yes! we have a driver in the lead power car!

With the mammoth size of the "how it was done" web pages, I've separated these from this summary page, with access via the links below for those interested in the detail. (The links are also repeated at the bottom of this summary).


The entire train on the small test track


The Power Car (Day running lights on, complete with new upper marker light)


Day running lights

Night running lights

Driver in the power car


Standby Generator Coach 977995 (the only grey roof coach) Side 1

Standby Generator Coach 977995 Side 2....... (Same colour as side 1, just different lighting!)


The Staff Coach 977984 Side 1

The Staff Coach 977984 Side 2


Conference coach 975814 Side 1

Conference coach 975814 Side 2


Track Recording Coach 977994 Side 1

Track Recording Coach 977994 Side 2


Track Recording Coach staff monitoring their illuminated VDUs

I think we've found a serious issue here!   Stop the train!


Pantograph Coach 977993 Side 1

Pantograph Coach 977993 Side 2

Good job there is no overhead line here............

I can't get the pantograph to go-up!


Non-motorised Power Car

Empty cab at the rear of the train.


Night Operations:

Night running lights on


Lasers and camera lights on


Red track scanning lasers and green adjacent track scanning lasers



A few more miles to do before end of shift!


Button Action
0 Day running lights
1 Power car engine start/stop
2 Single tone horn (directional, leading car only)
3 Two tone horn (directional, leading car only)
4 Brake release air emission
5 Dispatcher's whistle (directional, rear car only)
6 Guards door slam (directional, rear car only)
7 Right Away buzzer
8 Trailer car engine start/stop
9 Track recording car track & laser lighting & VDUs
10 Wheel flange scrape (only when moving)
11 Night running lights
12 Pantograph car OHL illumination spots
13 Rail Clack  (only when moving)
14 Mark 3 coach suspension (only when moving)
15 Shunt mode
16 Volume booster
17 Zero momentum mode
18 Power car cab light
19 Trailer Car cab light
20 Spirax valve popping
21 Compressor

Function Mapping summary for the NMT.


A Youtube Video showing the new model in action can be found by clicking here!


Supplier website links:


Monk Bar Model Shop York    The NMT power cars were an irresistible bargain from this York model shop.
Railtec Models    The waterslide decals for the five mark 3 coach conversions are produced by Railtec. Many thanks Steve for advising on stock replenishment.
Olivia's Trains    Source of MTU engine HST sound file equipped LokSound V4 .
DCC Supplies    DCC specialist supplier based in Worcestershire. Good prices and friendly service.
Digitrains    An excellent specialist DCC supplier.  Speakers and Nanolight LEDs came from here.
Rapid Electronics    A good source of electronics components in useful quantities at good prices.
ESU    The English website of ESU, who produce the LokSound & LokPilot decoder families.
Maplin    A convenient local source for resistors and capacitors etc.


  The photos of the model were taken using a Canon digital SLR on the kitchen worktop.    


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